About Sugarcane Kennels

Like a lot of trainers I got started training dogs because of duck hunting. I was already deer hunting, turkey hunting bow hunting, fishing could not get enough. Then a friend took me duck hunting in the swamps of the Savannah River and I was hooked. I slowly migrated to mostly duck hunting and to me a retriever was just as important to waterfowling as a good shotgun. Today with over 25 years training dogs and 20 years of running hunt test the passion for theses animals is as strong as ever. I have had the priviledge to stand behind some great dogs have meet so many good people and made the greatest of friends in this buisness..

With out a very supportive family it would be very difficult to carry out any career let alone train retrievers. Iam fortunate to have the best wife anyone could have. Melanie while working as a nursing assistant helps take of dogs, cleaning kennels and very instrumental in whelping the puppies and prettyy much whatever needs taking care of. I have two beautiful daughters that when they were young helped out throwing birds even doing a little hunting and cleaning birds. But their interest was elsewhere and now they are grown with there own families. I have hunted up and down the east coast run hunt test fron Florida to Maine. One thing i can truly tell you it is never dull or boring when you have retriever, family and good friends to share the experience.

Danny Sanders Owner/Trainer