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Sugarcane Kennels Services


All training programs are designed to be flexible and to work around your retriever. No two retrievers will respond the same or learn at the same pace. Your retriever will see lots of real birds in accordance to there training, ducks, pigeons, quail, chukars and pheasnts. They will also be exposed to many many types of training ground set-ups such as rolling hay fields to cut corn fields, flooded timber ponds to cleaner technical type ponds. Sugarcane Kennels only takes in up to 15 dogs for the retriever training programs so I can assure each dog gets the proper daily attention needed.We also offer boarding, but this is limited to space that may be available. Please feel free to contact me about pricing and to what program will best fit you and your retriever needs.


Is designed to introduce a puppy to the exiting elements he/she will encounter in formal training. Your puppy will be exposed to all of the tools used in marking birds, gunfire, boats, blinds, decoys, water, cover crates, going to competitive events, etc. We accept puppies as early as seven weeks.


Basic obedience commands as Sit, Here, Heel, Down, Kennel and Quit are taught. Your retriever is conditioned to the electric collar and basic obedience is reinforced. He/she is also taught to Sit and Come on whistle. We will also go through Force Fetch program. He/she will be taught to Hold, then to Fetch On Command and then Walking Fetch. Once your retriever is done with Basic Retriever Training, he/she should be able to sit steady to shot, mark a bird down on land and water, and deliver that bird to hand. This program takes approximately 3-5 months to complete.


If you want your retriever to mark mulitple birds down, be able to run basic Blinds (Blinds he/she did not see fall) using a whistle and hand signals, this program will be the next step. Your retriever will become a more useful gun dog after going through this level of the training process. Your retriever must have completed basic training before beginning this 3-6 month portion of the program.


If you are interested in a retriever for running Hunt Test or a finely tuned finished gun dog, this is your next option. After completing this program, your retriever will be able to compete in AKC or UKC Hunt Test. This training program is ongoing with no set time frame.


This is for any retriever that has had previous training and needs a refresher course before Hunting Season. 1-2 Months.